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We have over 30 years experience providing critical thinking to a range of economic and strategic issues here in Australia

30 Years Of Economic Forecasting In Australia

Focusing on trend analysis and causation, our models provide clients with a deep economic
understanding of their industry and are able to quantify changes and the effects they will have.

Data Services

Our modeling draws on many data sources to offer the most nuanced data possible at the local level. NIEIR’s regional database includes traditional data sources as well as modelled data to ensure that the best information on local area economies can be used. NIEIR maintains databases on a range of metrics including:

  • economic and social indicators,
  • demographic and environmental indicators,
  • energy and mineral information
  • major projects and infrastructure developments.

State of the Regions 1994 to 2019

A land boom, a mining boom and their aftermath Beginning in 1996, NIEIR’s State of the Regions reports have documented the economic progress of Australia’s regions, both urban and country. Issued annually, each report has covered the current year and the immediate past. The reports chronicle a period of relatively stable growth, at national level, […]

Fast Train Project Macro Economic Assessment July 2020

STRONGER, TOGETHER – An independent state-wide macroeconomic assessment of fast regional commuter rail network impacts on Victorian settlement patterns, economic growth, fairness and opportunity. With a population approaching five million, the Melbourne metropolitan area accommodates around three-quarters of the population of Victoria. Five railway lines radiate from Melbourne towards a mixture of major provincial cities, towns, ex-urban areas and farmland. […]


    The information that accompanies predictions is more instrumental to decision makers then the predictions themselves

  • Data Modeling

    Understanding the key drivers of your industry is crucial to make better decisions

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