Energy Markets and Policy

NIEIR produces high quality economic analysis of energy markets

Industry Economics and Analysis

NIEIR has completed major studies about manufacturing in Australia. These include studies for industries such as automotive, chemical, metal fabrication and clothing and footwear.

National State and Regional Economics

NIEIR is an industry leader in the development of economic models and data at the smallest credible geographical unit, the Local Government Area (LGA).

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Core Services

  • Energy Demand Forecasting

    NIEIR is the premier energy demand forecaster in Australia.  NIEIR history of demand forecasting spans all of its 30 year history

  • Economic Policy

    The core strength of NIEIR’s work in relation to assisting governments and regional organisations with their planning strategies is NIEIR’s regional modelling capacity

  • Local Government

    The State of the Regions report is Australia’s foremost analysis of the economics of Australia’s regions

  • Cultural and Creative

    NIEIR has conducted a number of studies about the economic significance of cultural and creativity industries in Australia

  • Infrastructure

    NIEIR has long prosecuted the case for increasing infrastructure investment in Australia as a way to improve competitiveness, productivity and business opportunities across the nation


  • International Trade

    NIEIR’s work includes the evaluation of the economic impact of free trade agreements, international trends in energy policy and their impacts

  • Innovation and Knowledge

    NIEIR has always understood the significance of innovation, skills development and the knowledge economy as a way of diversifying Australia’s economic development

  • Natural Resources

    NIEIR can use its regional data sets and modelling systems to assess the benefits of industrial and related developments to a region or state

  • Major Events and M.I.C.E

    NIEIR has a long term expertise in conducting economic impact studies for major events, including industry, cultural and sporting events