North Central Local Learning and Employment Networks (LLEN): Environmental scan

The North Central LLEN is an organisation whose role is to improve the education, training and employment outcomes for young people within the North Central LLEN region (a mostly rural region of Victoria).  A key function of the North Central LLEN is to create improved partnerships and pathways between education providers, training and industry and the community to maximise the outcomes of young people as they move through education and training and into the work place.

The NIEIR report, which included an extensive face to face survey of educational providers, local business managers and owners, young people in transition to employment and government practitioners, detailed the circumstances of youth at a local area level and indentified local skill demands and trends so that these could be matched with training and educational activities.

Benefit to client

The NIEIR report contributed to the understanding of young peoples’ circumstances and how these circumstances connect with youth-related services in the region, particularly in the areas of employment, education and training. The report, along with its comprehensive data, is designed to provide information that would otherwise be difficult to access without the research combined with regional modelling and data developed by NIEIR.

The report assisted the client in making the case for the types of training required in the region so that any investment in training matched the employment and skills demand profile of local industry.