The 2013 Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition – Aerospace Australia Limited and Aviation Development Australia Limited

The six day event was held at the Avalon Airport near Geelong in Victoria. The first three days of the event are industry-only trade sessions, day four is a mix of public and trade visitors. The last two days of the event, Saturday and Sunday, are for the public. The event is held every second year. This is one of Victoria’s outstanding major events and comprises an aerospace exhibition and a major public entertainment spectacle of flying and on ground aircraft displays. A core purpose of the Exposition and the Airshow is to promote the development of aviation and Australian manufacturing and information / communications technology resources in the aviation, aerospace and defence sectors. The event is therefore a mix of industry development and public entertainment and education.

NIEIR has prepared the economic impact study for the event on many occasions. The initial phase is to conduct surveys of visitors and industry participants – around three thousand surveys are collected in mostly face-to-face interviews across all survey categories. To achieve this NIEIR uses a large team of trained survey staff over the duration of the event.

The survey data is processed and the results are applied to NIEIR’s major events methodology and modelling systems to provide an economic impact statement detailing the regional, state and national benefits of the event including employment benefits and statement of the additional regional product generated by the event.

Benefit to client

By demonstrating the economic value of the event, the report allows the client to accurately promote the benefits of the event to government, industry participants and the media. The report helps the client develop the support required from the Victorian Government, across a range of services, so essential to running this major event.