Assessment of economic benefits of the Grantville Sand Quarry project Dandy Premix Quarries Pty Ltd

The sand mining sector is made up of operations primarily engaged in the mining and quarrying of construction and industrial sand and gravel, the mining and quarrying of clays, ceramic and refractory minerals, as well as the washing, screening, and otherwise preparing the mined sand, gravel and clays.

The principal activity of the sector is the production of sand and gravel for use as aggregates in the construction of buildings and infrastructure including roads and bridges, and specialty sands for use in foundries and filters.

The mining sector and particularly sand mining, because of its proximity to residential areas, faces a number of major challenges in relation to social and environmental impact. Sand in high volumes is relatively expensive to transport over longer distances, so strategically located sand mining operations, close to their markets, can have a significant impact on pricing and the subsequent benefit for construction firms, their customers and the broader Victorian economy.

NIEIR’s staff visited the proposed site and its region and conducted detailed research about the project and the project’s likely impact on the region. This meant the likely impact of the development on local business activity could be assessed.

Benefit to client

The NIEIR study and report calculated the economic benefit, including employment, training and skills and supply chain impacts, for the region where the sand quarry was situated. The report assisted the client to make the case for the approval of the sand quarry development.