NIEIR has the expertise to apply critical analysis to the economic and strategic issues that confront local government. NIEIR is an industry leader in the development of economic models and data at the smallest credible geographical unit, the Local Government Area (LGA). Backed by our own intellectual property, databases and models, NIEIR is able to unravel local issues while keeping an eye on national and international implications.


Economic Policy

The core strength of NIEIR’s work in relation to assisting governments and regional organisations with their planning strategies is NIEIR’s regional modelling capacity. The data provided by NIEIR’s models has enabled numerous regional studies which are best described as strategic in nature, providing the solid foundation of economic data required on which to plan economic development.

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Social Planning

NIEIR has conducted studies that identify the costs or locations of social disadvantage, these studies may indentify regions of concern or the costs of disadvantage, particularly the social and economic costs of the lack of services such as in a study for the Victorian Government’s Department of Justice indentifying the costs of a lack of translation services for Victoria’s justice, health and social systems.

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Local Government

The State of the Regions report is Australia’s foremost analysis of the economics of Australia’s regions. The annual report, prepared for the Australian Local Government Association, is now in its 16th year of publication.

In conjunction with the report NIEIR also produces a series of economic indicators which include comprehensive data series at the local government area level.

As a result of NIEIR’s work developing the State of the Regions reports we have a rich knowledge base about the economic trends and circumstances of Australia’s regions. This knowledge, including NIEIR’s extensive and up-to-date regional data, is used to produce reports for local governments or regional organisations on a range of economic matters and scenarios.

NIEIR is prominent as a provider of regional economic data and forecasts for the planning departments of several Australian States including NSW and Queensland. NIEIR also provides the economic data for .ID, a private company that provides demographic information products to local government.

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