Wide Bay-Burnett Region: demographic and economic change Queensland Government

This extensive study of a region involved a detailed face to face survey of industry, government and service organization across the towns in this diverse region of Queensland. The survey was conducted by a NIEIR staff member.

The task was to create a regional strategy that would promote the region as a desirable place to establish businesses, to work and live in. To achieve economic growth and future prosperity for the region NIEIR considered ways in which the region might value add to its goods and services and in doing so improve its exports and its import replacement profile. The key questions were how could the region improve the skills available to it, how could the region diversify its industrial base and encourage innovation.

The final report provided a detailed analysis of the region and a series of recommendations around the core questions asked by the client.

Benefit to the client

The NIEIR report provided the client with a detailed analysis of the economics of the region, the skills of its household and the opportunities for developing future economic growth. The document laid the foundations for a more sophisticate approach to economic planning in the region and was a guide to how government funding in the region could be most effectively directed.