Dandenong: Industry and labour markets 2009

This extensive study was prepared by NIEIR for the Dandenong Development Board in partnership with the City of Greater Dandenong, South East Development, South East Local Learning and Employment Network, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Department of Planning and Community Development, Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, Chisholm TAFE and VicUrban.

The report, which is an update of the original 2006 report, reviews industry, labour market and training conditions in Greater Dandenong to 2006 and includes 2006 census data, not available at the time of writing the previous report. The purpose of this review is to clearly understand current circumstances and to determine a set of interventions to assist in improving outcomes for the residents and for industry, located in Greater Dandenong.

Extensive face-to-face surveys were conducted in the region with government service providers, industry managers, industry associations, educational institutions, transport providers, health service providers, migrant groups, police and other agencies. Economic modelling was informed by the information gathered by the survey.

Importantly this second report contains commentary on the impact of the global financial crisis and the implication of climate change measures and assesses the consequences of these for the low skilled residents of Greater Dandenong.

Benefit to clients

The report was multi agency commissioned and provided a range of agencies with information that could be used in planning. The report assisted VicUrban, the Victorian Government’s development agency at that time, to plan its infrastructure developments, it provided educational institutions and training organisations with information about the future skills demands of local industry and it gave local industry a better understanding of resident skills and encouraged employers to consider the local resident workforce when making employment decisions. The reports provided the Dandenong Development Board with comprehensive economic data on which to base their regional planning.