NIEIR prepared a report to the Shires of Bulloo, Murweh, Paroo and Quilpie, the Maranoa Regional Council and Regional Development Australia, and Darling Downs South West Region reviewing income tax zone rebates.

This extensive report reviewed zone boundaries, resident requirements, and tax rates, which had not been reviewed for some time. The areas in questions before the report continued to offer tax rebates at rates which were set in 1993, and had since been significantly eroded by inflation. As of 2011, the classes of Zone rebate were worth around 62% of their value in 1993.

The final report provided a detailed analysis and argument for why the regions’ tax zone rebates needed to be updated. Furthermore, NIEIR’s report laid out a plan specifying which zones should be updated as well as revised rates for rebates.

Benefit to Client

The NIEIR report provided the clients with a detailed analysis on the taxation policy of the region.  Before the report remote area tax rebates were fated to fade away. With the introduction of the report tax zone rebates have since been updated and the new tax zone rebates are 1) helping our clients support remote area economic development 2) providing compensation for the higher prices of necessities in remote areas 3) providing partial compensation for the costs of accessing government services from remote areas.