We help your organization see economic impacts at the local level. Better leveraging data resources creates value, enhances competitiveness and drives smarter decisions for business and government.

Our modeling draws on many data sources to offer the most nuanced data possible at the local level. NIEIR maintains databases on a range of metrics including:

  • economic and social indicators,
  • demographic and environmental indicators,
  • energy and mineral information
  • major projects and infrastructure developments.

NIEIR uses these databases in its consulting work but also make them available to other organizations for analytical purposes. NIEIR can support regular data queries as well as one-off data requests.


Regional Database and Regional Snapshots

NIEIR’s regional database includes traditional data sources as well as modelled data to ensure that the best information on local area economies can be utilised. NIEIR is recognized as the industry leader in economic modeling at the smallest credible geographical unit, the Local Government Unit (LGA). NIEIR’s data is updated on an annual basis so that the impact of global, national, and local economic changes can be clearly seen at the local level.

Data Analysis and Reporting

NIEIR can undertake complex data manipulation and analysis on your behalf, computing useful performance indicators for your organization or industry. The Institute can also undertake data aggregation services.

Many clients collect their own datasets but finding meaning in data is a complex process. NIEIR has the expertise to undertake analysis of your private datasets, organizing and aggregating data into meaningful reports.

Economic and Market Survey

At times, published statistical data sets are not enough to make a meaningful assessment of the economic and market conditions. In these circumstances, a well-targeted survey is required.

NIEIR is an expert in small-sample survey design and collection.